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Joshua P. Smith, M.A. Founder of The Soul Healing Initiative

What is Soul Healing?

Soul Healing  is an evidence-based model and approach to emotional health and wellness founded by Joshua Peters Smith that focuses on bridging the gap between faith and mental health. Soul Healing merges theories and approaches of psychology and theology to help individuals renew their mind, overcome life’s issues, heal from past traumas and live emotionally healthy, whole and free.

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Guilt and shame are often supported and continued by a plethora of cognitive distortions — irrational thought patterns and flawed thinking that stem from insecurity and low self esteem. The way you think about yourself will ultimately affect the way you live and the way that you interact with others. It’s time to get free! Join Joshua P. Smith as he takes you on a journey to renew your mind with practical interventions as well as Spiritual/Scriptural insight on how to undo the effects of guilt and shame in your life. It’s time to move forward; without condemnation from your past!
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“Joshua uses a great blend of therapy and theology which makes for an excellent presentation. Pastors, bring this guy in!” Dr. Hart Ramsey, Northview Christian Church (Dothan/Montgomery, AL; Atlanta, GA)

Religious Testimonial

“Joshua provided training concerning Strategic Approaches for Children Suffering from Trauma and  Emotional Wellness in the Workplace for my staff. My teaching staff has reported that they implemented his strategies in their classrooms the day after the training and saw immediate results. Numerous staff reported that his emotional wellness training for them was cathartic, thought-provoking, and offered reasonable solutions for managing stress.”
Ms. LaToya Orr, Executive Director, St. Clair County HeadStart
(Pell City, AL)

Corporate Testimonial