Who is Joshua Smith?

Joshua Peters Smith is a Christian counselor and a certified mental health therapist who teaches people how to transform and renew their minds with the Word of God and practical tools and techniques in order to walk in healing, deliverance, and soul prosperity by getting to the root of issues (Known as “Soul Healing”). He is known for his ability to successfully marry theology with psychology and evidence based approaches and is equipped with earned degrees in psychology, professional counseling, and divinity. Described as a prodigy, pioneer, a prophetic intellectual, and an apostolic trailblazer, Joshua is a multifaceted individual who is gifted in many areas as a pastor, Bible teacher, speaker, author, life and business coach, a highly sought after spiritual advisor, and consultant. Joshua has been working in the mental health field for ten years specializing in the treatment of depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, and spiritual issues. Joshua is a renowned expert on emotional health and wellness and is the founder of the Soul Healing Initiative, a forum focused on teaching principles of emotional health; providing psychoeducation; suicide prevention; as well as advocacy and raising mental health awareness through events such as “A Night of Soul Healing” and “The Soul Healing Retreat”. He is also the founder and lead instructor of the Soul Healing Training Academy. Joshua is the author of two critically acclaimed works: Dream Again: The Journey Toward Destiny and The Other Side of Rejection: Healing The Damaged Soul and has authored several e-books and other digital products. With a heart for the broken and the wounded, Joshua is on an unrelenting mission to “Heal the World, One Soul At A Time”.

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How “Soul Healing” Came to be…