“Mastering Your Mindset” Mental Health & Wellness Coaching

Mental Health & Wellness Coaching is a service that is offered to help individuals of all walks of life “Master Their Mindset” so that they can move forward as a whole person. With a background in mental health, coaching, prophetic and pastoral ministry, and business, Joshua uses his own method called “The Soul Healing” model; a holistic, integrative approach to emotional health and wellness that merges psychology and theology; faith and mental health to come alongside individuals as they do their own work on the journey to wholeness.

Mental Health Coaching is not [tele] therapy or counseling, and does not counsel or treat mental health disorders of any kind. Though mental health coaching may resemble traditional therapy in many ways, and it may even be therapeutic, professional coaching is distinctly different from psychotherapy and/or psychoanalysis. Professional psychotherapy focuses largely on the past. Professional coaching is goal and action-oriented; and is focused on the here and now, while empowering and equipping you to have a great future.

The focus of mental health coaching is mental health, not mental illness.

Joshua P. Smith

Individuals may seek out Mental Health Coaching for the following reasons:
Strategies for general mental health and wellness
Pastoral/Spiritual/Prophetic Guidance & Insight
Strategies for life adjustment
Communication Skills
Improving Self-Esteem
Overcoming Rejection
Strategies for overcoming grief
Developing Healthy Thinking Patterns
Managing Stress & Anxiety
Techniques to Overcome Depression
Mental Check-Ins & Tune-Ups
Developing A Multi-Dimensional Self-Care Plan
Developing a Mental Health Maintenance Plan
Ministerial Issues (for pastors and leaders)


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