Soul Healing One-on-One

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Spend the Day Healing!

It’s time to deal with your issues from a holistic approach: body, soul and spirit. If you are in need of an intense healing intervention to get to the root of and then confront the issues of your past and prepare to move forward into a brighter future, consider this one day, face to face service. Joshua uses his years of clinical experience, education, and knowledge of evidence based approaches to provide a unique blend of life coaching and spiritual advisement to individuals from all walks of life to help them live emotionally healthy, whole, and free. This service meets you where you are—not only emotionally but physically. After the one-day intensive, a virtual follow-up session is also offered complimentary. Individuals are also given a 3 month implementation plan to help them on the journey to wholeness.

This service is ideal for those who want to put in the work to improve their mental and emotional health and wellness—from actors/actresses, business leaders, religious leaders, athletes, politicians to everyday people. Offered in a face to face format (concierge) in four (half-day) or six hour (full-day) blocks.

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